About Us

Our Company was created in 1991 with an emphasis on developing and manufacturing customized control and automation solutions for a broad range of industries.  Over 15 years we established a reputation as the company that was able to deliver innovative solutions for the most challenging problems and opportunities.

In 2000 we observed that there was a growing market for cellular-based solutions, where automation could drive efficiency and ultimately assist our clients to optimize their operations.  We established a market leader position with our focus on cellular-based technology, earning the opportunity to work with innovative companies while establishing partnerships with wireless carriers.

The emergence of Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things gathered great momentum towards the end of the decade.  M2M/IoT is now connecting machines, devices and objects to the internet, turning them into ‘intelligent’ assets that communicate with the world around them.  These solutions open up a new range of possibilities for businesses – how they operate, how they grow and how they meet their client’s needs.

We quickly recognized the opportunity that M2M/IoT presented and have focused our resources on this rapidly growing market.  What immediately became clear was:

  • The vast majority of companies in the IoT space are focused on providing one component of an IoT solution and do not have the resources to provide an end-to-end solution.
  • Many IoT projects fail since they do not have the expertise and resources required to integrate all the required components to achieve a viable application of the technology.
  • The development, manufacturing and implementation of an IoT solution is very complex and very few companies are able to successfully deliver an end-to-end solution.  IoT solutions require the integration of sensors, data acquisition hardware, network connectivity and software in order to maximize the value of connected assets.

In 2010 we made the commitment to develop an end to end solution that removes the complexity and greatly reduces the risk of implementing an IoT solution.  SensAble became the foundation of our fully integrated solution.

Today, installations span the globe and our foundational platform has been instrumental in developing solutions in many sectors, including energy, infrastructure and agriculture. 


We are leading the way through the complexity of IoT solutions

Our company has over 25 years invested in the design, development and manufacturing of solutions that have been successfully implemented by customers in many different lines of business. Simply put, there are very few companies that have our expertise and experience as an IoT provider.

95 % of IoT buyers prefer to work with an end-to-end provider (Vodafone M2M Barometer 2015).  With our hardware, network partnerships and software expertise, we can provide the specific IoT solution that you require on a global scale.

We have a dedicated team of solution experts at AMS.  We have a deep and diverse knowledge of IoT in key sectors such as energy, infrastructure and agriculture.

Focusing on our client’s needs delivers superior results.

We have well defined goals and objectives within our business, which are aligned with the requirements and needs of our clients.  We want our client’s to benefit from the best possible user experience that we can deliver.

We design our solutions with the overarching goal of removing complexity.  Every design starts with delivering 3 P’s: PredictabilityProfit and Pleasure.  A relentless focus on delivering that experience is core to our relationship with our clients.

Doing one thing and deliver exceptional results.

We do asset monitoring.  Our team focuses exclusively on providing solutions to address the challenges and opportunities that asset monitoring presents. We learn from every solution that we deliver and incorporate that knowledge into providing solutions that enhance client’s user experience.  We are constantly evolving our hardware and software platforms to maintain our position as a leader in providing IoT solutions.

People are mobile.  Our solutions must deliver exceptional results for our clients, wherever they are.

Our clients are increasingly mobile and they need to be able to access information when and where they need it.  Every solution we deliver has mobile service built in so our clients can complete any number of tasks on their computer, tablet or phone.  We deliver service where they are at.  Review pressure readings, make decisions from production report data, respond to real time alarm notifications… all on your smartphone.

AMS applied significant resources in developing the hardware, network partnerships and software expertise so that we can provide the specific IoT solution that you require on a global scale.  We removed the complexity and risk by creating the platform that delivers a straight forward solution that our clients can readily implement into their operations.

Our success is determined by your experience with the solution that has been developed to address your challenge or opportunity.  We start with a comprehensive review of the asset that you want to monitor, the technical requirements in implementing a monitoring solution and the key outcomes and results you are seeking to achieve by implementing an asset monitoring solution.  Our platform has been designed to meet the most demanding asset monitoring scenarios.  This minimizes the amount of customization that is often required when you work with many other IoT solution providers.  We are committed to having a complete understanding of the asset, your specific needs and the environment that the asset operates in so that we deliver an asset monitoring solution that assists you in meeting your objectives.


Our company is a recognized leader in technology, field services and engineering solutions for both oil and gas well optimization. We have made a commitment to introduce solutions that help our customers accelerate time to initial production, increase production output and extend the lives of their wells.

AMS’ asset monitoring solution has allowed us to deliver a connected oilfield service model; integrating communication from an array of assets and centralizing that data on a cloud-based solution that provides real-time monitoring, data and alarms. Our technicians have access to that information 24/7 on their desktop computers or mobile devices, which is critical to our service goals.

AMS’ design, hardware, network partnerships and software expertise provides us with the specific IoT solution that we require on a global scale.

Steve Vetter
General Manager
Premier Integrated Technologies

AMS has proven to be, and continues to be, a trusted TELUS partner in the IoT space. They offer professionalism, knowledge and vast experience. Their ability to see the whole picture, while recognizing starting points is a key to their success. AMS is a unique and valuable solution provider to TELUS.

David Lang
Senior IoT Sales Specialist
TELUS Communications Inc.

AMS' technology has proven itself as a reliable and very effective real time monitoring system for use on our offset well monitoring solution where we simultaneously monitor various well sites on one dashboard for alarm conditions during the fracking process.

Steve Morrical
Vice President
QSO Inc.Quick Silver Wireline Ltd