Asset Monitoring Solutions for Remote Tanks

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Remote Tank Monitoring Industry Challenges:


Remote tanks are ideally suited for online asset monitoring solutions.  Products like water, oil, chemicals, or even dry goods in silo’s are easily monitored online with simple systems.  However, the volume of the product in a tank is only one part of the requirement for a good asset monitoring solution for remote tanks.  Other things to consider are custody transfer, alarm notifications, security, temperature and humidity monitoring, hazardous environments/products, as well as leak detection and corrosion.

If you need more from your tank monitoring system and the good old fashion dip stick or float is no longer adequate then you may be interested to learn more about eTrackdataTM and how it can replace expensive SCADA solutions.


“…old fashion dip stick or float is no longer adequate…”


SCADA provides an adequate solution for large tank farms, high dollar value inventory, and hazardous products where the cost of the SCADA system can be justified.  SCADA provides the data acquisition system required to monitor the various sensors and systems as required for larger operations.  In more competitive market places and for small tank farms where cost is a factor…SCADA is too expensive.


“…SCADA is too expensive.”


A Comprehensive Tank Monitoring Solution:


Every tank installation has a different set of requirements.  High labour rates and expensive travelling costs create a demand to be able to monitor and control your remote asset monitoring system online or from your cellular phone.  Real time data is required to make timely decisions and real time communication is required for warning indicators and alarm conditions.


“…real time data is required to make timely decisions…”


An online server solution is required to grant different user access levels to the various assets.  The logistics of managing custody transfer and third party service companies can be daunting.  An online project based system is required to grant different levels of access to the various systems and data while restricting service companies from other assets and critical data.  A real time online server solution provides efficient and reliable custody transfer for the service companies.


“An online solution provides efficient and reliable custody transfer.”


All tanks require volumetric data, but depending on the requirements of the site, an asset monitoring solution will also need to monitor other parameters.  A flexible data acquisition system is required to read various types of sensor data.  Ideally the data acquisition system will support more than one tank if they are in close proximity.


“A flexible data acquisition system is required to read various sensors”


What is the importance of GPS on a stationary tank?  GPS is an integral component on high end data logging systems, it provides a very accurate time stamp, and it provides a location stamp on the data that has been sent to the server.  GPS time and location stamp is a low cost upgrade to have the assurance to know exactly where and when data was created in a data log – especially when downloading and trying to manage dozens or hundreds of files from various locations and assets.


“GPS time and loca
tion stamp is a low cost upgrade…”


Security is an increasing concern on remote assets.  Theft and vandalism can easily become an environmental disaster.  Security alarms and sensor alarms are provided by a real time online asset monitoring solution.  Specified operators will receive instant notification of security and sensor alarm events.  Low alarms, high alarms, and other sensor alarm notifications can come from level sensors, leak detectors, pump pressure sensors, flow sensors etc.  There are many types of sensors that can be connected to a tank monitoring solution to provide green light or red light alarm status indicators, where authorized users are instantly notified of alarm events by text messages or by email.


“…authorized users are instantly notified of alarms by text or email”


Power supply solutions in Canada on remote sites can be a challenge in the winter time – especially as you go further north.  Real time asset monitoring solutions place high demands on batteries.  Rechargeable batteries require special consideration for low temperature charging and the right battery chemistry becomes integral to a reliable power source in the harsh northern winters.  Alkaline and lithium batteries are not suitable for cold temperatures.  Lithium batteries have excellent discharge rates at low temperature, however typical lithium batteries cannot be charged below 0C.  A good solar powered solution will have a low temperature sealed lead acid battery (SLA) and solar panel charging system designed specifically for low temperature operations in the middle of winter when temperatures are coldest and sunlight is at minimum.  Not all SLA batteries have the desired specifications.


“…power solution designed for low temperature operations…”


Cellular communication vs Satellite:


Satellite communication has a place in the industry for assets that are out of cellular range.  Satellite communication data plans can be inexpensive for low bandwidth and low data throughput applications.  However satellite quickly becomes very expensive when implementing online real time monitoring with medium to high bandwidth data solutions.


“Satellite communication…very expensive online high bandwidth data.”


Satellite is price competitive for low bandwidth applications, but as soon as an online server solution is implemented with real time monitoring, and alarm systems then the low cost of larger cellular data plans become much more cost effective when factoring in the complete asset monitoring solution.  Cellular communication provides low cost solutions for high bandwidth and high throughput real time data with latency times as low as 2 seconds for real time data to be uploaded to the server.  The primary benefit of cellular is that the asset monitoring solution is always connected online and it is billed by the data packet, where satellite is billed by air time so it is not practical to stay connected in real time with a satellite solution.


“Cellular communication provides
low cost solutions for high bandwidth data”


eTankdataTM is an asset monitoring solution for Remote Tank Monitoring:


eTankdataTM is a comprehensive asset monitoring solution ideally suited for remote tank monitoring.

Monitor Tank Inventory in remote tanks such as fuel tanks, oil tanks, chemical tanks, water tanks, as well as bins for dry products such as wood chips, saw dust, or grain.

eSensordataTM is the first component in your asset monitoring system which provides an industry standard interface for sensors to collect data from your remote tanks.  eSensordataTM provides a cellular communication link to the internet, where it will interact with our cloud based eTrackdataTM server.

eTrackdataTM Cloud Server is a secure cloud server that provides a user interface to monitor your remote tank inventory and manage the alarm systsem.

User Interface: The asset monitoring system is accessible by internet enabled devices such as cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers.  Your preferred internet enabled device becomes the window to your remote tank inventory.



“eTankdataTM is a Comprehensive Tank Monitoring Solution”


  •       Online Real Time Cellular Communication
  •       Project based multi-user interface and access permission levels
  •       Accessible online via desktop computers and standard cell phone  browsers
  •       Flexible data acquisition system
  •       Text message alarm system
  •       email alarm system
  •       GPS time and location stamp
  •       Google maps to display a map of all assets grouped per project
  •       Data logging and file downloads to export data
  •       Reliable solar power solutions
  •       Customization and rebranding opportunities available


AMS provides comprehensive asset monitoring solutions.  Our wireless data communication products connect your assets to the internet enabling you to monitor real time sensor data online with your phone, tablet or computers.

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