SensAble – Tank Monitoring

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SensAble for Tank Monitoring

Remote monitoring of products like water, oil, chemicals, or even dry goods in silo’s are ideally suited for SensAble – Tank Monitoring. The volume of the product in a tank is only one part of the requirement for a good asset monitoring solution for remote tank monitoring.  Other things to consider are custody transfer, alarm notifications, security, temperature and humidity monitoring, hazardous environments/products, as well as leak detection and corrosion.

The unique feature of SensAble – Tank Monitoring is the mobility it provides while managing the system.  Users have access to the cloud server to monitor and control tank inventory anytime, anywhere, from a desktop computer and mobile devices. From a smartphone users can check inventory levels, set up and monitor alarms as well as analyze historical data.

“Remote Tank Monitoring from your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer.”

SensAble – Tank Monitoring cellular communication provides access to the cloud and automates the data collection process from remote tanks.  Organize all your remote tanks into projects and manage user access and their levels of permission.

Key Benefits:

  • Automated remote tank monitoring inventory.
  • Optimize logistics and increase efficiency of field operations.
  • Mitigate risk with real time inventory and alarm notification.