Learn How Asset Monitoring Meets Fracking Regulations in Alberta

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New Regulatory Requirements:

In the spring of 2013, the Alberta Energy Regulator introduced a directive that established new requirements for hydraulic fracturing in the province of Alberta. A key objective was to manage well control at an offset well in the event of interwellbore communication with a subject well.
The Alberta Energy Regulator stipulated that companies utilizing hydraulic fracturing must continuously monitor pressure at the subject well and all offset wells within one kilometer of the subject well to ensure the integrity of the wells during the fracking process.


 “…enhanced requirements for monitoring fracking operations…”


The requirement for the synchronization of pressure monitoring data from all offset wells in real time presented a significant challenge to the industry.  AIA was engaged by Quick Silver Wireline Ltd. /QSO Inc. to develop a remote data logging solution that would address the new regulations. The primary objectives were to provide a solution that:

Allowed the operator to collect and manage pressure readings from the offset wells in real time:

  • Provides instant alarm notification of high pressure events to a list of operators, offset well  owners, and consultants to notify them of potential interwellbore communication;
  • Allowed the operator to monitor the wells remotely; introducing the need for wireless communication and portable power solutions;
  • Allowed the operator to perform monitoring functions in a challenging setting and conform to all Hazardous Environment requirements;
  • Would enable the operator, and the company owners of the offset wells to monitor the wells of interest online from their own offices during the fracking process.



“…monitoring wells remotely and managing offset well pressure readings in real time…”


AIA Developed a Comprehensive Offset Well Monitoring Solution:


Utilizing its data logging (eSensordataTM) and cloud computing (eTrackdataTM) platforms, AIA overcame the industry challenges with a customized solution for the client. The custom eTrackdataTM solution has positioned Quick Silver Wireline Ltd. /QSO Inc. as a leader in the Offset Well Monitoring service sector. AIA was able to provide a solution that:

  • Utilized wireless technology and cloud computing solutions to streamline operations for the client;
  • Increased operator efficiency and reduce the level of resources required to provide continuous pressure monitoring at the subject and offset wells;
  • Enhanced operator safety, including instant alarm notifications;
  • Presented a robust user interface that the operator could utilize to efficiently track  several frack projects and monitor multiple well sites simultaneously on one dashboard


 “Increased operator efficiency and reduce the level of resources required to provide continuous pressure monitoring…”


“AIA’s  technology has proven itself as a reliable and very effective real time monitoring system for use on our offset well monitoring solution where we simultaneously monitor various well sites on one dashboard for alarm conditions during the fracking process” said Steve Morrical, Vice President of Quick Silver Wireline Ltd./QSO Inc..


  “…a reliable and very effective real time monitoring system…”


AIA’s eTrackdataTM Asset Monitoring System



eTrackDataTM was an integral component in the development of the offset well monitoring solution. This robust solution is the backbone of AIA’s platform to overcome a wide array of challenges  associated with asset monitoring, such as offset well monitoring.

eTrackDataTM is an internet based asset monitoring system.  The eTrackDataTM server is a comprehensive cloud based communication system for monitoring remote assets.  Users access their remote assets via their desktop computers, cellular phones or tablets.


Key Benefits:
  • Reduced operating expenses with immediate access to your assets
  • Accessible and secure online multi user project based system
  • Make timely decisions based on real time data logging from all assets presented on       one dashboard
  • Dynamic reporting allows you to spot trends

AIA provides comprehensive asset monitoring solutions.  Our wireless data communication products connect your assets to the internet enabling you to monitor real time sensor data online with your phone, tablet or computers.


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