Water Pipe Monitoring

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Large buildings, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, frequently experience damage to their plant/facilities as a result of water pipes leaking/bursting. These instances have resulted in significant damage and many building operators are looking at ways to monitor water pipes and mitigate property damage.


Impact of Water Damage


When water in a pipe freezes, it expands up to 10 percent in volume. Using the example of a pipe freezing, resulting in a relatively small crack (0.32 centimeter or 1/8th inch) in the pipe, the result could be more than 1.14 cubic meters (250 gallons) of water a day, causing flooding, severe structural damage and the potential for fungus and mould.

Losses  resulting  from  water  damage  are  a  growing  problem,  especially  in  colder  climates. Extreme and unpredictable weather fluctuations [cold/thaw/cold], older infrastructures, faulty fire sprinkler system installation, improper   insulation around pipes and poor or irregular maintenance are all contributing factors.

Burst water pipes can very quickly result in significant amount of damage with serious consequences. When it comes to school facilities or hospitals, this can become an especially difficult and complex situation.  The following are some of the damages and their potential outcomes:


DamagesPotential Outcomes
Major property damageDisruption caused by cleanup, restoration, new construction, etc.
Damage to contents, decorative architectural details, etc.Replacement of books, sports equipment, teaching material, computers.
Interruption to curriculum and extra-curricular activitiesRelocation of students to unfamiliar premises, teachers and coaches
Unsafe conditionsAccidents and personal injuries to students, teachers, visitors and staff
Growth of fungus and mouldVarious health hazards
Negative publicityDamaged reputation
Loss of confidenceLost business
Business interruptionLoss of Income/Financial Instability


Solutions are available which can detect excessive water flow and either send a warning or automatically turn off the water. Leak detection systems are also available. These send a warning to a designated person, enabling them to take appropriate action.


Intelligent Flow Meter on Water Lines

The flow sensor would detect the magnetic pulses produced by the facility water meter. The pulses are a reflection of the amount of water flowing, detecting major leaks (such as burst pipe).Once certain conditions are experienced, an alert is sent to a pre-set list or recipients and/or shutting the water off.

The intelligent flow meter would include a flow sensor and a water shutoff valve. The devices would be connected to a gateway and cloud server platform. The system would send instant notifications by text and/or email alarm and the cloud server could be accessed by an internet enabled device.


Leak Detection

The water leak detector is designed to sense the presence of water, relaying the information to a gateway and cloud server platform. The system would send instant notifications by text and/or email alarm and could be accessed by an internet enabled device.

The long line wire sensor would be incorporated into high value asset areas (labs, computer rooms, utility control stations, etc.) as a means of early detection of any leaks


Water Line Temperature Monitoring

Strapped and probe temperature devices could be utilized in areas that have the potential to experience significant temperature fluctuations or exposure to freezing (exterior walls, exits). The units measure the water temperature by sensing the surface temperature of the pipe. When pre-set thresholds are met, the system would send instant notifications by text and/or email alarm.


Pipe Monitoring Utilizing Asset Monitoring Solutions Platform


Utilizing AMS’ eSensordataTM gateway and eTrackdataTM cloud server platform to monitor and manage a robust detection system will help to reduce the number of water incidents and help to mitigate damage from burst/leaking water pipes.

Our gateway would connect with:

  • Intelligent flow meters
  • Leak detection sensors
  • Water line temperature monitoring
  • Humidity sensors

Our solution will provide an early detection system while also allowing the building operator to instantly shut the main water source down, even when they are not on location.


More About Asset Monitoring Solutions Platform…



Simply connect your industry standard sensors to our proprietary gateway, log into the server and start monitoring and controlling your asset from virtually any internet enabled device. Anytime, anywhere – eSensordataTM keeps you connected to your assets.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce operating costs with real time data from your assets
  • Reduce risk with instant alarm notification
  • Increase profitability with the efficiency of real time connectivity



A comprehensive cloud based communication system for monitoring and controlling your remote assets. eTrackdataTM works seamlessly with our eSensordataTM; no further development is required.

Users can monitor and optimize their remote assets with virtually any internet enabled device.

Key Benefits:

  • A seamless integration with eSensordataTM provides a quick time to market
  • Make timely decisions based on real time data from your assets
  • Optimize your processes and increase your efficiency with wireless communication
  • Increase profitability with efficiency of real time connectivity




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