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1991 Telemetry

Industry expertise

Our Company was created in 1991 with a focus on contract electronic design and manufacturing developing as many as 50 products per year for various industries.  We acquired industry expertise by working directly with industry experts to provide them with high tech solutions they needed.
2000 M2M

Ground Zero!

In 2000 we observed there was a growing demand for cellular communication when wireless internet based solutions were in it’s infancy.  In 2001 we saved our customer $1200 per month per installation.  We enabled their field operators to monitor and control their water lift stations from Motorola’s first Java programmable i720 cell phone with a custom app.
2010 IoT

End-to-end Provider

95% of IoT buyers prefer to work with an end-to-end provider (Vodafone M2M Barometer 2015).

In 2010, contract manufacturing services were shut down to focus on providing OEM products and end-to-end IoT solutions.  The expertise from contract electronic design and manufacturing was proving to be invaluable to bridge the gab between industry and IoT technology as we develop our own product lines.

2020 Edge

Innovation in the cloud

We strive to stay on the leading edge of technology.  We have been early adopters with every generation of cellular technology.

5G enables many new IoT solutions including technologies such as AR, AI, ML and Edge Computing.  We are at the forefront of these technologies and continue to advance our offering. 

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