Acoustic Fluid Level Monitoring

FL4 is an automated fluid level optimization system utilizing advanced technology on your wells to: 

  • help maintain your production plan;

  • help protect your artificial lift equipment;

  • increase production;

  • maximize efficiency.

Protect Equipment

Maximize Efficiency

Increase Production

How we Do it:

Cloud Based:

FL4 has a seamless integration with SenSableTM cloud platform.

Easy installation on location:

·        No special tools or equipment needed.

·        Attaches to the wellhead in minutes.

Use Case Examples:

Measure and analyze fluid level data while the well is producing so it becomes part of your production plan:
          - PCP, Rod Lift, Rotary, ESP.

      Production plan optimization to maintain the ideal injector and producer fluid levels with flood optimization: Polymer Flood, Chemical Flood, Water Flood, etc;

      Drilling mud level measurements.

      Reservoir pressure calculations.

      Inflow performance.

      Injection well response to the subject wells.

      Foam depression tests for the producing pressure.

Key Features:

Remote Cellular Communication

Optimize and monitor your fluid levels remotely. Cloud based cellular solutions save operators mileage and time.

Real Time Alarm Call-outs

Automated fluid level monitoring provides management by exception solutions with real time alarm call-outs.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence provide unprecedented repeatability and accuracy.

Unprecedented repeatability

Extensive field testing has been performed to ensure repeatability. See test results in the use cases below.

Fluid Level Analysis Options:

Acoustic analysis:

FL4 LCD Acoustic Screenshot

Collar analysis:

FL4 LCD Collar

FL4 LCD Collar Analysis Screenshot

Use Cases:


FL4 Precision Readings

Precision fluid level samples demonstrate an oscillating fluid level with an amplitude of 5m and 55 minute period during a flood optimization project.  

The Acoustic Analysis method was performed on a flood optimization project with the PCP pumping at the time the shots were acquired.  The test was performed over a 24hr period with 10 min shot intervals.

Note: With such a consistent sinusoidal pattern it is easy to identify anomalies in the pattern.  The worst case anomaly is an error of 1.4m.  The delta between each data point is as little as a few centimeters (1-3 inches) and up to 1m for the remaining data points.  This data was captured in October 2020 and the issue causing the anomalies was identified.  Not that it was needed, but the anomalies have since been resolved which provides even more accuracy and repeatability from sample to sample. 


Dial It In!

What is your Optimal Production Fluid Level?

In this use case the Acoustic Analysis method was used.  Data samples were taken with a 4hr interval.  From sample to sample, the fluid level was very consistent within 0.1m and demonstrated a slightly declining pattern.  After 2 days it had only dropped by 0.77m.  The operator was able to precisely control the production fluid level and dialed in the pump which allowed them to pump faster and 4m deeper with confidence based on the trending data pattern.


ROI Case Study:

Would you like to learn about an independent case study which demonstrates how increased production can provide an ROI to pay for an FL4 in as little as 35 to 40 days?

Typically pumps are protected by playing it safe and running slower at fluid levels higher above the pump.  This case study demonstrates how to increase your profitability by pumping faster while carefully monitoring fluid levels acquired from the FL4.

Available Models:

There are 3 standard models available targeted toward different use cases. The main difference between the models is portability, size, and power models. They use all the same FL4 programming and cloud services. Custom solutions are also available for your unique requirements.
1. FL4-S

Single Shot Model
The FL4-P target use case is for portability and single shot day use.  It is compact, and in a smaller pelican case it is easier to load/unload in your truck going from location to location.  This model is still connected with the cloud via cellular modem where files can be uploaded and stored. 

2. FL4-H (standard)

Hybrid Model
FL4-H standard model is in a larger pelican case with a larger battery and integrated solar charger.  This model can be used for single shot day use, or the solar panel can be connected and the system can be left on location for extended periods of time for long term testing and monitoring use cases. 

3. FL4-I Instrumentation Model

Instrumentation Model
FL4-I model is in an instrumentation enclosure which mounts on an instrumentation rack/stand and is semi-perminent so it can be occasionally moved to other locations.  This feature rich model is self contained for advanced cloud-based applications.

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