Oil and Gas Solutions

Our remote monitoring solutions help upstream oil and gas producers increase profitability by:

  • protecting equipment;

  • optimizing processes;

  • increasing production;

  • and by extending the natural decline of the oil or gas well.

Save Money

Save Time

Optimize Field operations

How we Do it:

We provide comprehensive cloud based optimization monitoring and control solutions.
Save Time

Cloud based cellular solutions save your operators mileage and allow them to plan their daily routes based on real time data.

Save Money

Low CapEx with integrated cellular and cloud solutions. No SCADA servers required.
Reduce OpEx with cloud based solutions.

Increase Profit

Reports of 300% increased production within the first week of using the Plunger Lift Cloud Controller.
Oil Well optimization provides ~38 day ROI.

Mitigate Risk

Realtime alarm call-outs protect your equipment while helping your operators maintain the production plan from unexpected deviations.

Featured Solutions:

Gas Well Solutions

Plunger Lift Controls

Oil Well Solutions

Acoustic Fluid Level Monitoring

Sample Applications:

Save Time

Realtime EFM Reports

Automatically collect flow computer data for reporting.

Save windshield time using cellular communications:

– no SCADA infrastructure or server subscriptions required.

Log and graph the data.


Mitigate Risk

Camera Surveillance

Cellular based cameras provide surveillance and remote inspections 24/7.  Ideal for difficult to reach and remote locations.

Save Money

Tank Monitoring

Optimize truck routes in real time based on your tank inventories.

Mitigate risk by monitoring high or low tank level alarms.

Mitigate Risk

Realtime Frac Monitoring

Real time alarm call-outs mitigate risk for fracking.  

Up to 40 well heads can be monitored simultaneously during a frac.

Realtime graphing is utilized to quickly identify communication trends between wellheads which helps maximize the fracture plan while managing risk.


Remote Monitoring

Difficult terrain, poor roads, ATV’s, road restrictions, limited access or trying to minimize travel time/mileage are all good examples of how the Cloud Controller plunger lift system can increase safety while saving time and reducing costs.  Operators can monitor and control their plunger lift system remotely which allows them to make informed decisions prior to planning their daily route.

Cloud Controller on cell phone

More Cellular Remote Monitoring Application Examples:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Data Analytics                
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Security
  • Remote Diagnostics                
  • Transportation
  • Asset Tracking
  • Data Logging 
  • Alarm call-outs
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas Instrumentation

Custom Solutions:

AMS has been providing custom design services to the oil and gas industry since 1991. We have developed electronics for all stages from exploration to production. From downhole tools to surface electronics and instrumentation, our expertise is working with you to develop innovative solutions. We are on the leading edge of IoT and wireless hardware as well as applying the latest technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

1. Build a Use Case

Save time, save money, increase efficiency, and creating new revenue opportunities are the primary drivers to building a solid business case for new ideas.

2. Plan

Working closely together, we will analyze your use case and help identify the most appropriate plan to maximize your ROI with the utilization of our existing technology or new technology. 

3. Test an MVP

We will develop a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to test the plan.  The plan will be adjusted accordingly based on test results so we can Ramp-up with confidence.

4. Ramp-up

The MVP provides the lowest cost entry point to prove the project before ramping up the plan.  Ramping up will enrich the features as it grows to become a mature solution.

5. Life Cycle

Managing the life cycle is critical to maximizing the ROI.  Technology is changing so fast it requires a constant effort to evaluate current conditions.  Our team takes care of this for you! 

6. Strong Partners

Your industry expertise is instrumental in building the best solution possible.  AMS provides your company strong technology solutions with minimal investment and the fastest time to market.

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